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Elise Al

Bachelor Student

Elise studied Applied Physics and was working on her bachelor end project exploring improved radial sampling schemes with optimized efficiency. Besides this Elise also has hobbies but decided not to bother you with these.

Ingo Hermann

PhD Student
jointly with Prof. Lothar Schad,
University of Heidelberg

Ingo was a Ph.D. student at Heidelberg University working with our lab. His research focused on programming and optimizing several methods in quantitative cardiac imaging (T1, T2 and T2* mapping) and Magnetic Resonance Fingerprinting (MRF), especially for the detection of multiple sclerosis in the brain and renal MRF.

Jaap Boon

Master Student

He plays guitar, he plays water polo and he played with the MRI. Jaap studied the effects of external loads on the knee cartilage for his master final project.

Telly Ploem

Master Student

What does travel, cooking and kitesurfing have in common? Telly loves them and they are not possible to do inside the MRI scanner. Anyway, Telly joined the lab for his master thesis project about the effect of external loading on knee cartilage using MRI.


Bram Simons

Master Student

Bram's project combined compressed sensing with spike sorting to find/make an online spike sorting algorithm. His hobbies are road biking, running and playing (board) games. He often plays online chess while he should be working.

Joana Vera-Cruz

Master Student

Joana was an Erasmus master student of Biomedical Engineering at Instituto Superior Técnico (University of Lisbon). The main goal of her project was measuring myocardium oxygenation with BOLD MRI (using spiral k-space trajectories). Other passions: dancing (salsa and semba), cinema, sewing.


Friso de Boer

Bachelor Student

Ever thought a magnetic field could be perfect? Friso was trying to make it even better. A bachelor project can only be fun if you learn to bend the field like an avatar.

Ties Tensen

Bachelor Student

The aim of Ties' project was to develop an open-source MRI pulse sequence simulator for educational purposes. Besides being a BSc Applied Physics student at the TU Delft, Ties also pursued a BSc Business Administration at the Erasmus University. His hobbies are golf, cooking, travelling and investing.

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