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Sebastian Weingärtner

Principal Investigator

Sebastian likes research. He also likes other things, but these are not the reason for the web-page so we keep it to research for now.

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Joao Tourais


Apparently Joao wasn't sufficiently repelled by MRI research during his Ph.D. at the University of Eindhoven. So he decided to chip in his expertise at MARS Lab. 

Chiara Coletti

PhD Student

After her M.Sc. in Biomedical Engineering, Chiara joined Mars Lab for her Ph.D. Her work is focused on (hopefully) designing new sequences for functional brain MRI.

Paulina Šiurytė

PhD Student

Paulina graduated in Physics at the University of Surrey (UK), focusing on experimental nuclear physics. However, she decided that MRI would be way cooler. In MARS lab, Paulina will be researching new imaging biomarkers with quantitative MRI.


Maša Božić-Iven

PhD Student

jointly with Prof. Lothar Schad,

University of Heidelberg

Is MRI cooler than lasers? Maša is going to find out. Her Ph.D. research will focus on developing and optimizing methods in quantitative cardiac MRI.

Ayda Arami

PhD Student

Ayda had an opportunity to become familiar with MR imaging during her time as a biomedical engineering student during her bachelor and master studies. Her great interest in MR physics lead her from Iran all the way to the Netherlands for pursuing a Ph.D. in Mars Lab. She is going to work on a novel technique for assessing myocardial perfusion.


Roeland Naaktgeboren


Master Student

Born and raised on flat land, Roeland enjoys climbing in and outdoors when he has free time. With the remaining time, Roeland will rock radiofrequency pulse design for improved quantitative MRI.

Jasper van Leeuwen


Master Student

Apparently, playing board games and deciphering puzzles are not enough, so Jasper will work with active switching of dielectric pads to modify the B1+ field during his master thesis project.


Hülya Falkena


Bachelor Student

Dancing, reading, and meeting up with friends are some of the things Hülya will do during her time with the Lab, besides developing phantoms and software for quantitative MRI.

Merijn Berendsen


Bachelor Student

The complex nature of MRI fascinated Merijn, so he will develop advanced quantitative mapping methods, and let's hope it's just not a phase.


Sebastian Domsch

Research Consultant

Sebastian is a Data Scientist. But as his primary occupation fails to please his insatiable thirst for MRI research, he conducts multiple research projects with the MARS lab as a side hustle.

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