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Sebastian Weingärtner

Principal Investigator

Sebastian likes research. He also likes other things, but these are not the reason for the web-page so we keep it to research for now.

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Chiara Coletti

PhD Student

After her M.Sc. in Biomedical Engineering, Chiara joined Mars Lab for her Ph.D. Her work is focused on (hopefully) designing new sequences for functional brain MRI.

Paulina Šiurytė

PhD Student

Paulina graduated in Physics at the University of Surrey (UK), focusing on experimental nuclear physics. However, she decided that MRI would be way cooler. In MARS lab, Paulina will be researching new imaging biomarkers with quantitative MRI.

Maša Božić-Iven

PhD Student

jointly with Prof. Lothar Schad,

University of Heidelberg

Is MRI cooler than lasers? Maša is going to find out. Her Ph.D. research will focus on developing and optimizing methods in quantitative cardiac MRI.


Ayda Arami

PhD Student

Ayda had an opportunity to become familiar with MR imaging during her time as a biomedical engineering student during her bachelor and master studies. Her great interest in MR physics lead her from Iran all the way to the Netherlands for pursuing a Ph.D. in Mars Lab. She is going to work on a novel technique for assessing myocardial perfusion.

Martina Mina Savić

PhD Student

After finishing her M.Sc. in Applied and Computational Physics, Martina joined Mars Lab to pursue her deep interest in MRI. Her Ph.D. research project will focus on investigating the effects of the microsusceptibilities on the MR signal.

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Kathleen Harrison


Dr. Kathleen Harrison recently joined the Mars Lab. Kathleen likes medicine, but likes engineering more. She thinks MRI is really neat, and hopes to help make better tools for the hospital. Really, she is probably running away from the cold Canadian weather in exchange for slightly less-cold Dutch weather.

Kathleen got lost after doing surgery and found MRI. Life changed. She now works with us because MRI is really neat.

Marthe Meskers

Master Student

Besides making music with her trumpet in a band and orchestra, Marthe has been producing radiofrequencies with the MRI scanner during her Master thesis project. She worked on a pulse sequence and post-processing pipeline for quantifying myocardial perfusion with 3D cardiac MR.

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Maaike Smit

Master Student

For her MEP, Maaike is focused on directly detecting neuronal currents with MRI. When she's not busy with her project, you can find her sprinting through the streets on her morning run or enjoying quality time with friends.

Robert van de Velde

Master Student

Robert not only is a weather geek, but also a person with a passion for imaging. Together with Mars Lab he will try to push the boundaries of what we can observe even further. Robert will work on a device for remotely controlled B1+ shimming to homogenize the transmit field in e.g. cardiac or brain high-field MR imaging.

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Hanna Post

Master Student

Hanna has found her way from medicine and philosophy in Amsterdam to MRI research in Delft. For her MSc graduation project she is working on B1+ mapping and adiabatic pulses. In her free time she enjoys playing the piano, doing yoga and making jewelry.

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