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Open Ph.D. Position

We are presently recruiting a Ph.D. student to pursue a four-year doctorate in our lab funded by a prestigious ERC Starting Grant (VascularID). The successful candidate will join a young and dynamic group in a prolific, creative, and fun environment. The starting date for this position is August 1st, 2024 or sooner. The Ph.D. student will be leading their own research projects integrated into an innovative research line that aims to uncover new MRI signal phenomena in the microvasculature and develop novel acquisition schemes to use those as biomarkers with quantitative MRI. This project will comprise a strong biophysical modeling and MRI sequence development part, as well as experiments in inanimate phantom objects and applications in vivo. The successful candidate will also be involved in other ongoing research projects at the lab including reconstruction projects. At advanced stages, the Ph.D. student will have the opportunity to take mentoring responsibility for students at the bachelor’s and master’s levels. Please get in touch to find out more details about the content of the project.

The primary infrastructure for MRI research at the Mars lab is a new Philips Ingenia 3T scanner, located in a local clinical research center with substantial scan time dedicated to our lab for research purposes. Select studies will also be pursued further with national or international clinical collaboration partners.

Ph.D. projects are planned for four years, and will be compensated with a monthly salary of 2770€ - 3539€.


Drive, Curiosity and Passion for Research

is what we value the most for prospective lab members

Outstanding Academic Achievements

that demonstrate the potential to perform transformative research


in physics, math, computer science or related discipline are required. Prior programming experience is important to successfully carry out the project. Prior experience with medical imaging is a plus but not strictly required.

English Skills

in writing and speaking are required for research in general. Communication in our lab will be in English. Generally speaking, Dutch skills are not strictly necessary to live or research in the Netherlands.


Please reach out for any further information on this position or our lab. To apply please apply online here (Vacancy number TUD05252)

Please include the following application documents:

  • Certified transcript of B.Sc. and M.Sc. record

  • A letter explaining your research interest in this position (generic letters will be disregarded)

  • A detailed CV outlining competitive academic performance

  • Name and contact of at least one reference

About doing a Ph.D. and starting a research career...

Ph.D. research is not like a regular job where you go to work and get compensated with a salary. It is more appropriate to see a Ph.D. position as an opportunity to work on research topics of one's own interest. The difference is crucial, Ph.D. students need to be intrinsically motivated and excited about their research in order to pursue their Ph.D. with the necessary drive.

Our colleague Hyun Youk at the Bionanoscience department has summarized some valuable thoughts on doing a Ph.D.. Please give these some consideration here.

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